On the evening of Tuesday, November 3, the polls closed for what had become arguably one of the most hotly-contested and historic elections in our nation’s history. And on December 14, the Electoral College confirmed that Joe Biden won. Alongside him, our country also elected to the second-highest office in…

Whether you’re in supplier diversity or not, the mandate is the same. We either pay attention to these trends and opportunities, or we risk falling far behind.

Photo by Anne Nygård from Unsplash

It’s that time of year again. The pundits have started making their predictions for the coming year. According to The Economist, COVID-19 has disrupted capitalism, creating unlikely winners and losers. Concurrent and compounding health, financial, educational, and political crises have upped the stakes globally, making government intervention and subsidy necessary…

We’re going to remember 2020 for many reasons, some of which we would much rather forget. For those of us at the forefront of supplier diversity, our field has changed significantly. Hidden from plain view is a myriad of seemingly small processes, policies, and practices that either set companies on…

Cloe Guidry-Reed

Advocate of supply chain and economic inclusion. Founder & CEO at hireground.io

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